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Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 13

And when I live in senses' heights,
There flames up deep within my soul
Out of the spirit's fiery worlds
The gods' own word of truth:
In spirit sources seek expectantly
To find your spirit kinship.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 39

Surrendering to spirit revelation
I gain the light of cosmic being;
The power of thinking, growing clearer,
Gains strength to give myself to me,
And quickening there frees itself
From thinker's energy my sense of self.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

The Festivals and Thier Meaning:
Ascension and Pentecost


This is the third volume in the series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner published under the title, The Festivals and their Meaning.

In the Councils of the undivided Church from the fourth to the ninth centuries, Christian thinkers wrestled with the theology of the Father and the Son, but the Church has never arrived at a theology of the Holy Spirit. To this Rudolf Steiner makes a profound contribution in these lectures, by linking together the three great Christian Festivals, Christmas, Easter, and Whitsun. He thereby shows Whitsun as the completion of the great redemptive work of Christ, a completion into which man could not enter in full consciousness until our present age. In doing this he throws light upon the great truths of Reincarnation and Karma in their relation to Christianity, and points to the spiritual unity which can bring together East and West.

These lectures are full of spiritual teaching and inspiration, but in some ways they are all the more difficult to grasp at first reading. They repay a hundred-fold patient and deep meditation.

A. P. S.

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