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Date Lecture Title Book Title City Volume
22 Nov What the Goethe Archive at Weimar Is to Us - A First Person Account Not Yet Available Various 68c
29 Dec Women in the Light of Goethe's Worldview. A Contribution to the Woman Question Not Yet Available Hengelo 68c

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December 07

Year Lecture Title Book Title City Volume
1904 Goethe's Riddle Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily Not Yet Available Weil am Dorf 68c
1905 Inner Development Esoteric Development Berlin 54
1905 Inner Development The Riddles of the World and Anthroposophy Berlin 54
1907 The Relation of the Human Being to Nature Nature and Spirit Beings — Their Effects in Our Visible World Munich 98
1908 The Apostle Paul and Theosophy Not Yet Available Bremen 68a
1909 The Education of Humanity The Ego Munich 117
1909 The God Within and the God of Outer Revelation The Universal Human Munich 117
1909 Esoteric Lesson From the Contents of Esoteric Classes I: 1904–1909 Berlin 266-I
1911 Good Fortune Good Fortune - Its Reality and Its Semblance Berlin 61
1913 Spiritual Science and the Spiritual World. Views at the Goals of our Time Not Yet Available Munich 69e
1915 The Connection Between the Spiritual and the Physical Worlds The Forming of Destiny and Life after Death Berlin 157a
1918 Specters of the Old Testament in the Nationalism of the Present The Challenge of the Times Dornach 186
1919 Michael's Message VIII Not Yet Available Dornach 194
1921 Cosmic Forces in Man IV Not Yet Available Berlin 209
1922 Spiritual Connections in the Forming of the Human Organism XV Not Yet Available Berlin 218
1923 Lecture VII Mystery Centres Dornach 232