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Fruits of Anthroposophy
GA 78


28 November 1921, Christiania

These lectures give a fresh and exceptionally clear approach to the anthroposophical path of knowledge. Imagination is described as a widening of our experience of memory to cosmic dimensions; Inspiration is described as an extension of forgetting; and Intuition is shown to be the means by which the spiritual world bears fruit for the future of human evolution. The description is particularly helpful in distinguishing the right path from the wrong.

The lectures originally formed the second half of a series of eight entitled ‘Anthroposophy: its roots in knowledge and its fruits in life; with a description of agnosticism as the true enemy of mankind’. The roots are shown to lie in German culture, but full appreciation of this requires a knowledge of that culture which those who do not read German are unlikely to possess. The opportunity has therefore been taken to reprint a very clear report of the first four lectures which was made by Elisabeth Vreede, one of those chosen by Rudolf Steiner to be a member of the original Vorstand of the Anthroposophical Society in 1923, and translated by George Adams for the English journal Anthroposophy in 1921 (Vol. l, pp.87–88 and 105–107).

R.G. Seddon