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Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 13

And when I live in senses' heights,
There flames up deep within my soul
Out of the spirit's fiery worlds
The gods' own word of truth:
In spirit sources seek expectantly
To find your spirit kinship.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 39

Surrendering to spirit revelation
I gain the light of cosmic being;
The power of thinking, growing clearer,
Gains strength to give myself to me,
And quickening there frees itself
From thinker's energy my sense of self.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Links Between the Living and the Dead
GA 140

Two lectures given to members of the Anthroposophical Society in Bergen, 10th and 11th October, 1913. Also entitled, Descriptive Sketches of the Spiritual World. These are the 19th and 20th lectures in the lecture series entitled, Occult Investigation of Life between Death and Rebirth.

Translated from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer. The original texts are included as the last two lectures in the volume of the complete edition in German of the works of Rudolf Steiner entitled: Okkulte Untersuchungen über das Leben zwischen Tod und neuer Geburt Die lebendige Wechselwirkung zwischen Lebenden und Toten.

I. Links Between the Living and the Dead October 10, 1913
II. The Transformation of Earthly Forces into Clairvoyant Faculties October 11, 1913

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