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The Mystery of Death
GA 159

12. Spiritual Science as an Attitude — The Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe

13 June 1915, Elberfeld

We are presently within an era of events which call for all the sensations of the human soul in the deepest, in the most important sense. We stand in the midst of events which cause that which is always posed as a riddle for our spiritual science — death — very often in relatively short time on earth. We are in a time which spreads out grief and pains about countless souls, and in a time of which we hope that it bears important forces in their laps for the future development of humankind. If so many things are to be born from pain and grief, and if just spiritual science teaches us that many things are to be born from pain and grief, just spiritual-scientific considerations can also stimulate some strength of confidence, some strength of hope in us in this destiny-burdened time. Let me today develop some considerations before you which are not connected directly, but indirectly with the sensations and emotions which can be aroused in this stormy and painful time.

What we see occurring so variously in our present is that human beings leave the physical plane at an early age of their physical existence. Just this is the peculiarity of such events like the present ones that they recall youthful lives from the physical plane. We know that the human being when he goes through the gate of death has to hand over his physical body to the elements of the earth that he is still united with his etheric and astral bodies and his ego at first, while he goes through the gate of death. We know that after a relatively short interval this etheric body is separated from the human being, and that then the human being continues his journey, which he has to do between death and a new birth, with his ego and astral body, united with those members of his spiritual nature that he can get only in the spiritual world.

The etheric body, however, separates from the human individuality and goes through its own way. Now it must strike us that the etheric body of an early deceased human being is in another condition than that of a dead one who attained a normal age. We know that the external natural sciences speak about the fact that forces can change that, however, they cannot get lost. For the external world of the physical existence the natural sciences recognise this truth absolutely that forces never get lost, only change. Spiritual science has to teach to acknowledge this also for the spiritual world. If an etheric body frees itself from a human being who went through the gate of death as young man, then his etheric body could still have supplied the life of this human being on the physical plane for many decades.

An etheric body must be arranged in such a way that it can give all that vitality which the human being has to take up until the highest age. If the human being goes through the gate of death, we say, in his twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth, thirtieth year, his etheric body goes away from him, but this etheric body still has forces through which he could have preserved his physical life up to the sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth year. These forces are in the etheric body, these forces do not get lost. We are to be preoccupied with the question — just in such a time like the present one when so many of such etheric bodies are entrusted to the spiritual worlds: what happens with the etheric bodies of those human beings who went through the gate of death in early youth? — It will be good if we familiarise ourselves — to answer such a question rather thoroughly — with the way the etheric body of a human being goes through, while the human being goes through the life between birth and death.

The external physical body of the human being gets older and older. That it gets older and older does not apply to the etheric body even if that is hard to understand. But the etheric body gets younger and younger to the same degree as the physical body gets older and older. The etheric body arrives at a certain, one could say, childish level of etheric existence in the time when the human being goes through the gate of death in a normal age. So that we must say to ourselves: when we start our physical earth existence with birth, then that is old which has been united as an etheric body with our physical body — we can say comparatively — and gets younger and younger during life and arrives at its childish level when we go through the gate of death. We could also say: if a human being dies in his youth, his etheric body does not get young enough, but it keeps a certain level of its age. — What does that mean really? An example can teach us what that means. Some of you already know this example which I have again to mention here, a concrete example of the last time which could be experienced by a number of our friends.

This concrete example concerns, actually, to a very young child, the little son of a member of ours. It was just at an evening lecture in Dornach when we got to know after the lecture that a boy of seven years, the son of our friend Faiss, was missing. It was soon clear to us that a big misfortune must have happened. A van had come in the late afternoon nearby the Dornach construction, strangely in an area, in which long before no van has probably gone, and will also not after. This van had toppled over at a particular place. This had happened towards evening, nothing else had been noticed; however, the boy was missing. When our friends, together with others, endeavoured to lift the van between ten and twelve o'clock in the evening which had not been lifted by the people to whom it belonged — they had saved themselves it for the next day because the carriage had fallen very unfavourably and was very heavy. When the helpers had succeeded in lifting it, it became apparent that, indeed, the child, the little Theodor Faiss, had passed just at the moment when the van toppled over, and that the carriage had fallen on the child. This child was only seven years old — an exceptionally dear child, a child who had exceptionally nice qualities.

I would like to remind you of a logical consideration which I have often done in our circle to show such a fact in the light of our spiritual science. I have often said that one can mistake cause and effect using external thinking, untrained thinking, and that such mistakes of cause and effect appear exceptionally often. As an example I tried to illustrate this, an example which should be only a metaphor. Imagine that one sees a person in the distance going along a riverbank. One sees him falling into the river, one tries to approach him, and one sees a stone lying just where the person had fallen into the water. One tries to pull out the person from the river: he is dead. What is more obvious than to say: the person tripped over the stone, fell into the river and drowned? This does not need to occur at all in such a way, but here the simple physical investigation may teach us that at the moment when the person entered this place he got a cardiac arrest, without his destiny having to do anything with the stone or anything else. That is why he fell into the water, so that the cardiac arrest was the cause of the fall into the water, while one would say if one makes no effort to come to the cause that the fall into the water is the cause of his death. One would assume the opposite of the right thing.

Cause and effect are distinguished more difficultly if one deals with matters related to the spiritual world. That is why one has to say: in such a case like in the case of this child who really finds his death under such extraordinary circumstances — which were still extraordinary in some other respect — one does not have to remember from a higher point of view that now this has happened: that the removal van came and toppled over and the child got under the carriage by chance; that the carriage is the cause of the child's death. On the contrary, one thinks in such a case correctly spiritual-scientifically that the child's karma had run off, and that basically the carriage went to that place because the boy should find his death; that the carriage brought only about the external conditions to give the boy his death, which was predestined in his karma. One could say trivially: the higher ego of the child wanted to go through the gate of death and ordered the whole situation, all the events that way. Indeed, it would be something totally crazy for the human being, who thinks according to our time, to hear of such an idea. Spiritual science has to show us that something that the materialistically minded human beings of today consider as something crazy corresponds to the truth.

However, it is important that just in this case the etheric body of a seven-year-old child was separated from the individuality of the child, from that which goes then in connection with the ego and the astral body through the spiritual worlds. Now it should not be my object to speak about the further life of this individuality of the little Theodor Faiss, but my task is rather to draw your attention to the fact that the etheric body supplied the physical life with vitality only for seven years; but it had forces in itself to supply a long life with vitality between birth and death. These forces remain in the etheric body. The important matter is that somebody who dealt with our Dornach construction in any spiritual relation since the death of the little Theodor Faiss can now know what came into being from the etheric body of the little Theodor Faiss. Various things of the construction are to be accomplished. We still talk immediately about the Inspirations we have to get down from the spiritual world. One need supporting forces if everything comes down that should really come down from the spiritual world. There it becomes obvious that our Dornach construction is wrapped up by the enlarged etheric body of this child like by an aura since his death — up to a far-reaching circumference. It is possible to really determine the extension of this covering.

When you see the Dornach construction — those who have already seen it, know it, it is a double rotunda [see drawing next page]. Here we have built a heating house in a particular way according to the principles of spiritual science, and then here we have built another house where the glass panes are cut and engraved for the construction. Only by the way, I want to mention that there is the so-called “House Hansi” — this is the house in which we live. Now it is strange that towards the wood, then just along the heating house, dividing this construction in the middle where the glass panes are cut, and here along this house, House Hansi, not enclosing it, this aura of the little Theodor Faiss wraps up the whole construction. So that one enters this etheric aura if one enters the building.

(Bau = construction, Heizhaus = house of the heating system, Haus für Glasfenster = glazier's workshop, Umgrenzung der Aura = boundary of Theodor's aura, Villa Hansi = House Hansi, Wald = wood)

I have often pointed out to you that the etheric body extends if it becomes free of the physical body. Hence, it does not surprise us that this etheric body appears enlarged to us. In this etheric body are the mediating forces through which one finds certain impressions of the spiritual world one needs for the forms and artistic decoration of the construction. Somebody who has to work for the construction knows what he owes to this etheric aura. Never will I hesitate to admit that since the death of this little Theodor Faiss the work is thereby made possible for me that mediating forces are given for the Inspirations in this etheric body of the boy spread out over the construction. It would be much easier not to mention such a matter. One could boast about the fact that one does not have need of such mediating forces. But it does not concern such matters but that one recognises the truth.

If we imagine these just described facts, we get an impression of how it is with an etheric body which must separate from a human life if this life is finished by death in youth. Now it is important to take into consideration that as to us the etheric body of a human being does not remain only like a nebulous formation in which the physical body is embedded. We do also not recognise a physical human body by the fact that we describe it only like a mass of muscles and bones et cetera, but by the fact that we look at it as something like a temple of the godhead, as a microcosm. We only recognise the physical body correctly if we realise that its forms which are stamped on it are really taken out of the whole cosmos that the physical body of the human being is a miracle. Somebody, who can feel the emotions which are expressed in the first conversation of the second mystery drama The Probation of the Soul, can get an idea in which way an individual human being is put into his physical existence concerning his physical body by all kinds of hierarchies; that a whole world of gods aims at it as their goal to put this human being into the physical existence. We get to know so surely which significance this physical body has if we consider the clairvoyant knowledge a little.

The clairvoyant cognition is the cognition which comes about by the fact that the human being pulls out his psycho-spiritual entity from his physical body and that he can then be conscious and perceive outside his body in the psycho-spiritual realm. One cannot recognise any difference between the human being who perceives clairvoyantly and the sleeping human being who has also pulled out his psycho-spiritual of his physical body. However, because the clairvoyant consciousness can perceive outside the physical body, it can gain an idea what happens with the human being during sleep. This schematic drawing may make it easier. We assume that this is the physical body and this is the psycho-spiritual entity of the sleeping human being. Of course, the psycho-spiritual entity is in the physical body when he is awake. We imagine the human being in his sleeping state. The physical body and the etheric body lie there in the bed; they do not contain the astral body and the ego as they contain them when they are awake.

But one would like to say that what the astral body and the ego accomplish in the physical body during the waking state is not stopped completely in sleep. For all that which the human being can perceive at first the human being lying in the bed is lying there as lifeless. For the clairvoyant consciousness this physical human being and this etheric body which lie in the bed are not as lying there lifelessly. The clairvoyant must say something completely different of this sleeping physical and etheric human being. He has to say: during the whole day the area of the earth on which now the human beings are sleeping was shone on by the sun. Now it is night. I talk about the normal circumstances if one sleeps at night and is awake during the day, not about the modern urban or big-city circumstances. Darkness spreads out over the area on which the sun has shone during the day. It is strange, but one notices there that the earth as a being starts to think and the organs with which the earth thinks are these sleeping human bodies.

As well as the human beings think with their brains, the earth thinks with these sleeping human bodies. It perceives continually during the day — and the percipience consists in the fact that it is shone by the sun from the universe, this is the perception of the earth — and at night it processes thinking what it has perceived. The earth thinks, the clairvoyant says, and it thinks using the sleeping human beings. Every sleeping human being becomes as it were a brain molecule of the earth. Our physical body is established so that the earth can think with it if we ourselves do not use it.

But as well as the earth thinks with the human physical body, it imagines — you know what an Imaginative knowledge is, — it imagines everything that is not earthly on earth that belongs to the earth from the whole universe. It imagines that in the etheric body. In the sleeping physical body of the human being one recognises brain parts of the earth, and in the etheric body of the sleeping human being one sees that cosmos imagining which belongs to the earth at first. One can behold this interplay of forces in the etheric body as miraculous pictures which must flow from the etheric world of the earth, so that the events of this earth can take place. As true as the physical human being belongs to the earth, he belongs as an etheric human being to the heavens. Only so we can use our physical body for ourselves as a mental organ because it is created for thinking because, so to speak, the earth gives him off during the waking state. That is why we can only use our etheric body in such a way that it gives us the vital forces because the heavens give it off during the waking state, and because the forces of Imagination of the heavens are transformed to vitality in us during the waking state. So that we will talk not only about our etheric body like about a nebulous thing, but about a microcosmic thing reflecting the heavens in it.

Our etheric body is handed over to us as a particularly perfect creation at our birth. At our birth our etheric body glitters internally and gleams from nothing but Imaginations which come from the big cosmos to it. It is a marvellous reflection of the cosmos. What the human being can get as education, as knowledge, as forces of will and soul during his life, while he grows old between birth and death, this is got out of this etheric body. The cosmic heavenly forces hand over to us what they have to hand over to us during the life between birth and death. Therefore, we are again young as etheric human beings when we have run through a normal life between birth and death, because we have then sucked out everything from this etheric body. If such an etheric body goes through the gate of death which belongs to a youthful body, then there is still a lot of unused heavenly light in it. Hence, it becomes a mediator of such forces as I have told. Completely apart from the fact what the individuality of such a human soul becomes, like that of which I talked before, the etheric body becomes something like a gift of the heavens, a gift of the spiritual worlds. That is why this etheric body can work inspiring in the described sense.

It would go too far to talk about the peculiar karma which has such a human soul who is able to make such a sacrifice. For this cannot be brought about artificially, but it must be connected with the whole karma of such a person. He has to do something that has to play a role in the spiritual world process of humankind as we intend it for this Dornach construction which should surround our spiritual-scientific efforts.

Now, however, consider that we go towards a time, in which many such etheric bodies, even if they are not so youthful concerning their age but their life, are in the spiritual atmosphere. Those who have gone on the bloody battlefields through the gate of death go in another way through the gate of death than somebody who goes in his bed or because of an everyday accident through the gate of death. They go in a certain way through the gate of death so that they reckon with their death, even if more or less in the subconscious — the astral body reckons with the death in a certain way. One can say that this death is always a sacrifice. All the etheric bodies which go up in this way from youthful human beings to the spiritual world have unused forces. A period of human development lies ahead to us in which human souls can consciously look up to the spiritual world and can say to themselves: a time has passed which has sent many unused etheric bodies to the spiritual world. In these unused etheric bodies forces are included, forces of which we can say spiritual-scientifically already today which significance they have for the development of humankind.

If one discusses such a matter, one must expressly point to the fact that that does not apply to every war which took place in the development of the human beings on earth. What happens spiritually and should be considered by spiritual science is not so simple as natural sciences make it easy to themselves. Other wars of former times required that one has to talk about them differently. What I have to say applies to the present destiny-burdened times. Think once the following: at different occasions I had to emphasise that it does not arise from arbitrariness if we cultivate spiritual science today, but that it really lies in the developmental process of humankind that the human beings get to know spiritual science gradually. We know that every epoch of the earth development of humankind has a particular task. We can gather this from different cycles of talks. We can recognise that the welfare of the future development of humankind can only blossom if really the revelations of spiritual science become mental property of more and more souls.

I assume that most of you are warmly enthusiastic for spiritual science, but take into account which difficulties are there with reference to the propagation of the spiritual-scientific truth in the present. Take into account that the human beings outside in the world oppose against this spiritual-scientific truth. Take into account that this truth is defamed, that the human beings consider it as mad, as distorted, as crazy, as a raving. Really impressive examples could be given, but, nevertheless, all the examples would be only a small part of that which basically everybody can feel if he is enthusiastic for spiritual science and faces the world from which he would like that it would take up spiritual science — and does so little today. Now the spiritual scientist may say to himself the following: what has to be accomplished with the bare earth forces of humankind seems to be rather weak compared to the task of spiritual science. But in the immediate future there are the unused etheric bodies which had to carry soul and life through the gate of death on the fields of the events in our time. The etheric bodies with their unused forces become inspiring forces, supporting forces in the immediate future. We only need to get the attitude — now not intellectually, not theoretically, but out of heart and soul — to look up to the heavenly etheric bodies of those who have gone in early youth through the gate of death in our destiny-burdened time.

We need to turn our souls as it were only in praying mood to these etheric bodies, and those who are enthusiastic for spiritual science only need to turn their souls to these forces — and they will have help from these etheric bodies. So that if ardent spiritual living together with these etheric bodies is possible because one is penetrated with a real spiritual-scientific attitude, one also finds those among the various fruits which are in the lap of our destiny-burdened time. For into the souls of the spiritual-scientific enthusiastic human beings of the future that will stream which lies in the forces of the sacrificed etheric bodies of our destiny-burdened time. Through the souls of those who live in the physical body in the next future the forces of the sacrificed etheric bodies can flow if these souls are penetrated with the real attitude. These are heavenly forces, forces of the spiritual world. Then quite different forces are able to prevail in the world to bring spiritual-scientific attitude into the world. We have only to find the possibility to bear witness of that which happens now in the sense of the just given explanation, then these destiny-burdened days are also deeply significant for somebody who stands in spiritual science.

Marvellous, we have said, are the Imaginative formations of the human etheric body. Nevertheless, they are different than they would be unless they had gone through an etheric body of a human being. But also on this field the sentence holds true: nothing comes into being from nothing. — This is not an absolute sentence, but it applies to this field. What a human soul adds as an etheric body, when it enters in the physical existence, gathers forces of the spiritual world which are used up during the physical life. These forces are not from nothing, they are there in the spiritual world. Indeed, one can find them also in the spiritual world, but if anybody wants to find them directly in the spiritual world, it is difficult. One must use much bigger instruments of power. If they have gone, however, once through a physical human being who has died early and show themselves as it were with that which they have in themselves because of the passage through the human being, it is easier to use their help.

All the forces which are in this young etheric body of the little Theodor Faiss, indeed, would also be in the spiritual world, but it would be a spiritual Herculean task to pull them, otherwise. Because they have come along on the detour through the boy, it was substantially easier to be inspired by them. Imagine then what a tremendously great significance for the whole further development of humankind it has that such a big amount of etheric bodies with still unused forces are given to humankind in the next future. But because these, I would like to say that repeatedly, heavenly forces have gone through human beings, they freed themselves as it were from the laws to which they are subjected in the universe outside. It is impossible that in the universe these forces, which are got directly from the universe, are used in a bad sense. Assuming that all the human beings who go now because of the military events or other circumstances through the gate of death, they would not deliver such a sum of etheric bodies if the war had not come. All these forces would also be in the universe, of course; then, however, they could not be used by the human beings, because it would be too difficult to use them. That is why they could not be used, because they would be used up in the lives by the human beings who reached their normal age. This is quite important that these heavenly forces have gone through human bodies. They thereby escape as it were from the usual progress of development. However, this freedom makes that these forces can be also used in another way than to the welfare of humankind.

They can also be used in another way. The human life must develop in the light of freedom. Assuming that Ahriman would really succeed in darkening the thoughts and reason of the human beings, so that they all would reject spiritual science. Then, nevertheless, these etheric bodies would be there, but there would be no spiritual-scientific enthusiastic souls who take these forces into the service of the earth progress. Then Lucifer or Ahriman would be able to intervene and would use these forces either in the world of Lucifer or in the world of Ahriman. Consider that I express something tremendously important with it. I express that it is put as it were into the hands of the human beings in which way the forces are incorporated in the earth process which were given to the world by sacrificial deaths. The fact that these forces can be used to the progress of earth development inspiring that which was aroused by spiritual science.

Otherwise, it could be — if materialism seized all minds or if nationalism spread out in a purely passionate way — that Lucifer or Ahriman would take these forces into their service. Then the earth progress could not have anything of these forces. The deep significance of spiritual science for the human earth development becomes apparent to somebody who considers these connections. He learns to say to himself: how necessary is it that sacrificial forces are used in the right sense in the development, how necessary is it that individual human beings can be touched by the spiritual-scientific attitude. — This spiritual science becomes something holy if one considers it in the connection with the spiritual development, as it expresses itself during our destiny-burdened days. The attitude which can originate from spiritual science becomes something like a prayer which can be summarised in the words: spirit of the world, let us rightly be penetrated with this spiritual-scientific attitude, so that we do not fail to wring that which can be used to the welfare and progress of the earth out of Lucifer and Ahriman.

Our construction should serve like a landmark what spiritual science should become to humankind as an attitude. Hence, it is arranged in such a way that its forms express artistically what spiritual science can give from itself. I would have to speak a lot if I wanted to explain to you what is put into every detail of this construction. You experience all that, if you visit the construction in the course of the years, and join in the matters which should take place there. Today I will only talk about one matter in connection with that which I have just explained.

At an important place of the construction, where it turns eastwards, a sculptural group will be. In this sculptural group should be expressed in particular that which has to penetrate the consciousness of our time to the right degree. This group consists of three figures basically, apart from that which will be added. Three beings find expression in this group. Something like a rock will be there. This rock has a projection forwards, and in this projection is a cave. The central figure stands on the rock projection. You may call it as you want, but you have to see the representative of the earthly human being in it in the truest sense of the word. If you want to see the ideal of the earthly human being in that human being who carried the Christ being for three years of his life on earth, you may also see Christ in this central figure. But this must not happen in such a way that you stand before this group with the consciousness that this should be Christ, but everything must be felt artistically. That is, it must not be interpreted externally as a symbol, but everything must result from the forms themselves.

Here on top is the second being. This being has a humanlike head. The head is really formed in such a way that one can say, a human head reminds of this head. Since this head is so formed that the skull is extremely developed, in particular the forehead. While these parts are relatively immobile with the human being, everything is mobile with this being. Everything is an expression of soul. As well as the human being can move his hands with the fingers, but not this part here, this being can move everything. One notices in the sculptural work that everything is movable. The lower part of the face recedes very much with this being. One may say that the mighty skull arches over the receding face.

I can only discuss some parts, because every single line of this figure is very significant. Then, however, it is the peculiar that a connection exists between that which has atrophied to the larynx with the human being and the ear of this figure. That which is as a little larynx in it bends up and constitutes the lower part of the ears. The upper part is formed by the forehead. On the other side, two formations, reminding of bird wings, adjoin between which a body is spread out resembling a reshaped human face on the whole. Wings and larynx and ear are formed as a unity, so that one recognises: with the wings the being lives in the music of the spheres inside, moves through the space, through the waves of the music of the spheres, and this is located in the ear. With the human being all that has atrophied. Because the human representative lifts the left hand to the figure on the rock, its wings are broken, and it falls off the rock. — You anticipate: this figure is Lucifer who falls off the rock with broken wings.

Here at the bottom, in the cave, is another figure. It does not have bird-like wings, but bat-like wings, a kind of worm-like or dragon-like body and a head again reminding of the human head. But what is a mighty forehead with Lucifer recedes in this lower figure completely, has atrophied. The lower parts toward the mouth are extremely developed with this figure. This figure is wrapped with the gold of the earth. The gold of the earth turns into chains, which tie up this figure therein. This figure writhes because of the effect which goes out from the downward showing hand of the human representative, Christ. This figure at the bottom is Ahriman, who is tied up with the gold of the earth.

What I have just said is, as it were, the idea of the whole. But with this idea I have only pointed to that which it concerns. Never will we adopt the bad habit of the old theosophists who have always worked with symbols, but everything that moves from spiritual science to the human feeling has really to be raised to the artistic realm. Hence, one must not say: these figures express this and that, — but they have to show the relation of the human being, or of Christ, to Lucifer and Ahriman artistically. That is why this cannot be expressed using the old artistic means. Each movement of the fingers, the way as the hands are formed, is important, because something important has to express itself in it. One could have the idea at first that Christ lifts the left hand up and would allow to emit forces which break the wings of Lucifer, so that he falls off. The forces by which Ahriman is tied up would be emitted by the right downward showing hand again. One would have imagined something completely wrong if one had imagined this.

To explain the especially important aspect of that, I may remind you of something that really belongs to the greatest pieces of art up to now: The Last Judgement by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. There one sees Christ pointing the good to the heaven, the bad to the hell. One sees in Christ that he sends the ones to the good world, the others to the bad world. This Christ, as he is shown there, is not from now on the Christ whose true being we should only understand by spiritual science. The Christ who is the true Christ does not condemn, does not praise, using rage or usual love, but has an effect by his own nature. Lucifer's wings are not broken, but he breaks them because of his attitude while approaching Christ. Ahriman ties up himself because of the soul events while approaching Christ. Hence, the downward and upward lifted hands must not have anything that is not pure sympathy with the world. On top, Lucifer cannot endure on his part that the hand of Christ approaches him. The experience of this in himself breaks his wings, Christ does not break them.

That also holds good for Ahriman. Michelangelo did not yet know how to form Christ as He is in reality. The Christ Being is so significant, the understanding of the Christ Being is so difficult that this can only be reached in the course of time. The Christ Who persuades the beings by His nature, so that they condemn or release themselves, is understood in future. Christ in the picture of Michelangelo has something luciferic-ahrimanic because He leads the bad human beings to hell in His rage, the good to the heaven: He is engaged with His passions. In our sculptural group, Christ stands as somebody impersonal, and the beings condemn themselves who approach Him.

You see that the position of the human being in the world is expressed, in which luciferic and ahrimanic forces are included, at an important place of our construction. Beings must find expression that can be found only in the spiritual world. Any naturalism of art, any tendencies of art just in the last times when people were seized by materialism must be overcome by the art we cultivate here. Something novel, also in the field of art, has to enter the world by spiritual science, so that the greatest achievement of art is also overcome which was possible up to now: the Christ figure of Michelangelo in his Last Judgement.

One is allowed to express such things, if one emphasises, on the other side, what must not be forgotten: the fact that of course this construction can only be a primitive start. Everything is imperfect, everything is elementary, everything is only a start, but the start should already be something novel. The fact that everything is imperfect, this can be known of course, but one has to point to something that should come as an impulse in the whole human life.

Take into consideration that it suggests itself to pass a gift of the cosmic existence indifferently, which consists of the unused forces of human etheric bodies. Take into consideration that these forces could become a prey of Lucifer and Ahriman if the human being did not find the possibility to serve the welfare of the earthly development. There we have touched a tremendous secret of our earthly development: the secret of the relation of the Christ Impulse to the impulses of Lucifer and Ahriman. This relation of the Christ Impulse to the impulses of Lucifer and Ahriman can be understood by humankind more and more in the next future. Lucifer's and Ahriman's forces prevail in the world, and the human being must become with the help of his Christ consciousness like a being who sits in a boat which is always exposed to the storms Lucifer and Ahriman excite. The boat has to roll from side to side, however, it finds its way through the sea whose living substance consists of Lucifer and Ahriman, through which, however, the human being steers his Christ boat.

We do not come together in our branches to learn this or that theoretically what spiritual science can reveal to us, but we come together that everything that lives in our souls is filled with an attitude which can flow from this spiritual science. It does not depend on that which we think of spiritual science, but how we think, feel and will. Whether the smallest or the biggest what we can observe in the earth development of humankind stands before our soul eyes, everywhere can come before our eyes that it is necessary for the human being of the future to familiarise himself just with the significance of the triad of Christ, Lucifer, and Ahriman. Michelangelo could not correctly see, the past times could not correctly see this triad existing there in the world. But one will only recognise Christ properly by His being when one sees Him in His relation to that which works in the world like the North Pole and the South Pole: Lucifer and Ahriman.

Some of these matters are to be discussed for those who can be present still during the next days. Today I wanted to put on your souls that which allows spiritual-scientific attitude to appear to us as something very important also for important matters which can appear in the spiritual world in the next future to somebody who is able to understand also spiritually what happens physically.

One may beg the good gods and spirits guarding the earth and humankind that they give the human beings strength, so that that can happen which must happen for the welfare of humankind.

Above there the unused etheric forces of the human beings are who went through death in their youth. But human hearts and human souls have to be here on earth which look up to these forces, so that these forces can be brought in the correct direction of development by them. It depends not only on it that there above the forces are which could also become a prey of Lucifer and Ahriman, but it concerns that here below human souls are in physical bodies that send their pious mood to these sacrificial etheric bodies. It will depend on that in which sense the forces flow in the human development which are created on the fields on which the blood runs on which sacrifices are offered on which pains are suffered.

This shows the contribution of spiritual science to the course of the human development if that which can be recognised only by spiritual science is really seized by a number of human beings.

What can come into being from the present destiny-burdened days, I would like to express it in the end in some pragmatic words before your souls once again:

From the courage of the fighters,
From the blood of the battles,
From the grief of the bereaved,
From the nation's sacrifices
Will grow up the fruits of spirit
If souls aware of spirit turn
Their senses to the spirit-land.