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GA 253

Date Title City
10 Sep 1915 Lecture I Dornach
11 Sep 1915 The Anthroposophical Society as a Living Being Dornach
12 Sep 1915 Lecture III Dornach
13 Sep 1915 The Goesch-Sprengel Case. The Ideas and Methods of Psychoanalysis Dornach
14 Sep 1915 The Teachings of Psychoanalysis. The Prophetic Gift of Swedenborg. Difficulties We Encounter on the Way to the Spiritual World Dornach
15 Sep 1915 Episodic Reflection on the concept of Love in Relation to the Concept of Mysticism Dornach
16 Sep 1915 The Development of Man as a Physical Being from Saturn to Earth Existence. Psychoanalysis Dornach
03 Feb 1915 Update on Alice Spregel Arlesheim
01 Oct 1915 Mary Peet to Alice Spregel Arlesheim
21 Aug 1915 Address Dornach
19 Aug 1915 Letter from Heinrich and Gertrude Goeesch to Rudolf Steiner Dornach
21 Aug 1915 Letter of the Dornach Members to Marie Steiner Dornach
22 Aug 1915 Address: More on the Goesch-Sprenel Situation Dornach
27 Aug 1915 Letter From Dornach Members to Marie Steiner Dornach
23 Sep 1915 Letter from the Board to Getrude and Goesch and ALice Sprengel Dornach
24 Sep 1915 Marie Steiner's Address to the Women's Assembly Dornach
29 Sep 1915 Letter from Marie Steiner to Julia Wernicke Dornach