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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 3

On awakening in the morning and before any other impressions have gone through the soul one directs one's attention away from all sense impressions and memories of everyday life. One tries to free oneself from all worries, concerns, etc. Once one has produced this with stillness of the soul one lets

More radiant than the sun ... This Self am I

Live in the soul for 5 minutes. What follows in the next five minutes is:

Concentration on the point between and somewhat behind the eyebrows with meditation on: I am.

Concentration on the inside of the larynx and meditation on: It thinks.

Concentration on both arms and hands and meditation on: She feels.

The hands can be folded here or the right hand is folded over the left. After some time one feels as if the hands want to move apart on their own. But one must by no means produce this through self-deception.

Concentration on the body's whole surface and meditation on: He wills.

Then follows concentration on the pit of the stomach with meditation on: Divine Life.

All of this is followed by 5 minutes of reverential immersion in one's own divine ideal.

Evening retrospect as before.