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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Boundaries of Natural Science
GA 322

If nothing is within the reach of scientific research except what is in the sense world, the doors are closed to the worlds where the human being originates and where the creative forces of the world are found. Steiner calls on us to develop the organs of perception that go beyond these limits of cognition to where we can behold the Spirit active in the phenomena of nature.

This edition was translated by Frederick Amrine and Konrad Oberhuber from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer, from the 4th edition (1969) of the German text published under the title Grenzsen der Naturerkenntnis (Vol, 322 in the Bibliographic Survey). The translation was supported in part by a grant from the Austro-American Friendship Association of Boston.

Gratitude is expressed for permission to quote in the Introduction from Collected Works of Paul Valéry, ed. Jackson Matthews, Bollingen Series XLV, Vol. 9: Masters and Friends, trans. Martin Turnell © 1968 Princeton University Press.

Lecture I September 27, 1920
Lecture II September 28, 1920
Lecture III September 29, 1920
Lecture IV September 30, 1920
Lecture V October 01, 1920
Lecture VI October 02, 1920
Lecture VII October 03, 1920
Lecture VIII October 04, 1920