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Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 13

And when I live in senses' heights,
There flames up deep within my soul
Out of the spirit's fiery worlds
The gods' own word of truth:
In spirit sources seek expectantly
To find your spirit kinship.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 39

Surrendering to spirit revelation
I gain the light of cosmic being;
The power of thinking, growing clearer,
Gains strength to give myself to me,
And quickening there frees itself
From thinker's energy my sense of self.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Christianity as Mystical Fact
GA 8

What is the connection between early Christianity and its contemporary counterparts and its antecedents? The comparison is not to Roman emperor worship, but rather to the practices of the Mystery Religions. One interesting comparison which can be made is the raising of Lazarus to the traditional temple sleep of three days and three nights.

As his source for many of the classical quotations included in Christianity as Mystical Fact, Rudolf Steiner used Otto Willman's Geschichte des Idealismus, History of Idealism. The present translators have referred to original texts wherever possible for this edition of Steiner's book.

 Cover Sheet  
Opening Quotes by Rudolf Steiner  
Bibliographical Note  
Introduction: Rudolf Steiner — A Biographical Sketch  
Author's Preface to the Second Edition  
Points of View  
Mysteries and Mystery Wisdom  
Greek Sages Before Plato In the Light of Mystery Wisdom  
Plato as a Mystic  
Mystery Wisdom and Myth  
Egyptian Mystery Wisdom  
The Gospels  
The Miracle of the Raising of Lazarus  
The Apocalypse of John  
Jesus and His Historical Background  
The Essence of Christianity  
Christianity and Pagan Wisdom  
Augustine and the Church  
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